Mobile Messaging

Mobile Messaging

Mobile Messaging, also known as SMS text messaging, provides an inexpensive method of staying in touch with supporters and conveying important information such as, membership renewals, upcoming events, progress updates, and special projects. Mobile devices are becoming the preferred communication device among Americans, it is also their preferred method of contributing.

Mobile messaging campaigns can be designed to: conduct surveys and polls; mobilize volunteers; notify supporters of upcoming events and send reminder messages; raise funds through one-time or recurring Text-2-Pledge and Text-2-Donate programs; improve existing tactics such as direct mail with a pre and post “watch your mailbox” text; and generate excitement through mobile couponing, trivia, text-to-win, and text-to-screen features.

It’s important for nonprofit organizations to be good stewards of donations and responsive to their members. Mobile messaging increases communication with your membership base, identifies their preferences, and helps determine their level of satisfaction.

Elections are about voter contact and engagement; ultimately it’s about who can turnout the most voters. Mobile messaging can be effectively used to notify voters of cutoff dates for voter registration, link to voter registration forms, remind voters to mail in their voter absentee ballots, invite people to campaign events, and remind them to get out and vote (GOTV) as well as where to vote on Election Day. Research has demonstrated that sending a SMS text reminder to voters can increase turnout by 4%. Since many elections are decided by small margins, frequently 1-2% points.

SMS text messaging is too important to ignore!

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Survey & Polling

Survey & PollingPolitical candidates and nonprofit organizations need to know what their supporters are thinking and what positions they support. Surveys and polls are the least expensive, fastest way to learn what is important to the people who support your mission.

Addressing the needs of supporters, and deploying professionally designed surveys, both politicians and nonprofits succeed in gaining a clear understanding of the perceptions that exist with regard to their organizations. Surveys can be used to support fundraising efforts, simplify board elections, disseminate information (push polls), or as a way to prioritize limited funds and resources.

Our survey platform includes extensive capabilities which can be designed as phone, web or SMS text message in outbound or inbound campaigns. Live Agent surveys can be used for a personal touch or for complicated data gathering. Live-to-IVR surveys help reduce call center costs while still ensuring compliance. Our surveys, both DTMF (press 1) and Speech-Enabled (say 1), encompass a robust set of features that include the capture and recording of open-ended questions, goal setting, branching, personalization, multiple languages, and much more.

Automated survey tools are not only a fast, cost-effective way to collect data, but can be used to support your qualitative research by quickly identifying qualified participants. What usually takes weeks, we can do in days.

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Live Agent Calls

Live Agent CallsCalls from a live person can be very persuasive. When raising funds for a worthy nonprofit or a campaign cause, or recruiting volunteers, the personal touch of an individual call can make quite a difference. Whether you’re a nonprofit looking to solicit contributions for a special project, or a political campaign with a list of influential voters you are contacting with the hope of encouraging participation in your campaign, a live call increases the rate of success.

We offer a wide variety of services in support of political and advocacy campaigns including: Surveys/Polls, VoterID, GOTV patch calls, Persuasion calls, Advocacy calls, Donations & Fundraising, and Tele-Town Hall recruitment. We also specialize in “Live-to-IVR” calls which can dramatically decrease your costs while ensuring compliance.

As a diversified call center specializing in inbound and outbound agent solutions, we utilize multiple call centers here in the U.S. and can assist you with small jobs requiring just a few hours or larger jobs resulting in thousands of agent hours. We offer rapid program setup, production rollout, and extensive monitoring and reporting capabilities. From ensuring proper pronunciation of candidates’ names to ensuring your objectives are met, our operations team will make certain your programs runs smoothly.

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Voice Messaging

Voice Messaging is the best solution to get messages out fast and accurately while maximizing your return-on-investment (ROI). Campaigns can be created and launched in minutes reaching thousands or millions of supporters/voters in a matter of hours.

Automated Calls can be personalized with your voice, professional voice talent, celebrities or in multiple languages. Calls can be customized with specific info, such as names, dates, locations, times, etc. Through our dynamic message technology, each call can have a targeted message personalized for each recipient. Calls can be monitored and recorded for review or future use.

Our platform is feature rich; from our load balancing technology to the latest concatenated and text-to-speech engines, and is capable of accepting DTMF (press 1) or speech-enabled (say 1) responses, allowing call recipients to interact with the call. Our system is designed with simple to use interfaces in order to support launching of your blast, patch-through, or other interactive calls within minutes. We provide self-service or full-service options to meet the needs of any client and include a set of “safety” features to help maintain compliance.

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  • Virtual Recording Studio
  • Use Your List or Ours
  • Direct-To-Voicemail
  • Recording Capabilities
  • Full Service or Self Service
  • DTMF (Press 1) Enabled
  • Speech (Say 1) Enabled
  • Voice-To-Text Translation
  • Concatenated Speech Engine
  • Text-To-Speech Engine
  • Message Personalization


  • Rapid Call Large List
  • Very Low Cost
  • Highly Scalable
  • Rapid Launch
  • Reliable Delivery
  • No Hardware Cost
  • No Learning Curve
  • Only Pay For Connects
  • Automatic Redials
  • Voice Talent Available


  • Advocacy Calls
  • GOTV Calls
  • Position Clarification
  • Absentee Ballot Reminders
  • Fundraising Calls
  • Increasing Name Recognition
  • Event Notification
  • Polls and Survey
  • Volunteer Searches
  • Push Polls

Voice Capture

record smart phone

Nothing conveys the sincerity or passion of a person better than hearing a story or message in their own voice. A real, honest voice can express emotions tied to an issue or cause that simply can’t be delivered as effectively in any other manner. Our Voice Capture service brings you the ability to record the opinions and stories of Americans, which can then be used in a number of ways to communicate with and persuade supporters, legislators and constituents.

When used with Legislative Connect hundreds or thousands of calls can be captured and sent to officials to influence policy and build powerful grassroots support. Any message recorded by the system can also be converted to text, allowing faster review and analysis.

During the review of voice-to-text messages, when a specific message is identified that can have a significant impact, it can be converted to any sound format and delivered through the communications channel of your choice, including social media, on websites, or on the radio. This is an excellent tool to sway listeners and build support for your cause or campaign.

A poll or survey is enhanced when Voice Capture is used as it adds a more qualitative element through the use of open-ended questions. Nonprofits can benefit by identifying the terms, phrases or concepts captured through a survey to develop messages for their members that use similar wording.

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Direct-To-VoicemailDirect-to-Voicemail is an innovative method of delivering your messages directly into the voicemail of your choosing via the carrier’s network. No more interrupted meetings or dinners …the phone won’t continuously ring!

Your customer will simply receive a voicemail notification on their cell or landline. At their convenience, they can listen, replay, save or forward, just like any other voicemail. Because the message is available for replay, it allows you to deliver a more complex message that includes details, times, dates, and other important information.

Personalization goes beyond names, locations and times. Messages can include celebrity voices and unique personalities (i.e. professionalism, caring, authoritative), and include music or humor to create an entertaining and engaging message that supporters and voters will want to keep, replay and share.

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Recall Service

Recall Service

How do you get someone to the polls on Election Day who doesn’t vote regularly? Simple. Remind them, in their own words, what’s at stake!

Our Recall Service can start with a simple automated call or an automated survey/poll to identify which hot buttons are important to an individual. Participants are prompted to share why the issue is important to them, which is recorded and stored. At a later time, each participant can be called again and their message played back to them…reminding them why they were passionate about a particular hot button issue.

By using our Recall Service, you can remind thousands of individuals, using their own words, why it is important to make their vote count by registering to vote and voting on Election Day. Advocacy groups can remind individuals why their membership or support is needed, encourage and remind them to continue supporting your cause, or why it is important to support or defeat pending legislation.

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