Survey & Polling

Deploy a low cost and efficient method to uncover opinions through the use of automated and live agent surveys.



Live Agent Calls

Increase response rates, remain compliant and perform complex surveys through the personal touch of a live agent.



SMS Messaging

Reach followers on their preferred device through text messages. Uses include alerts, reminders and surveys.

Why Live Agent Calls

Because this is what your supporters want!

Calls from a live person can be very persuasive. When raising funds for a worthy nonprofit or a campaign cause, or recruiting volunteers, the personal touch of an individual call can make quite a difference. Whether you’re a nonprofit looking to solicit contributions for a special project, or a political campaign with a list of influential voters you are contacting with the hope of encouraging participation in your campaign, a live call increases the rate of success.

We offer a wide variety of services in support of political and advocacy campaigns including: Surveys/Polls, VoterID, GOTV patch calls, Persuasion calls, Advocacy calls, Donations & Fundraising, and Tele-Town Hall recruitment. We also specialize in “Live-to-IVR” calls which can dramatically decrease your costs while ensuring compliance.

As a diversified call center specializing in inbound and outbound agent solutions, we utilize multiple call centers here in the U.S. and can assist you with small jobs requiring just a few hours or larger jobs resulting in thousands of agent hours. We offer rapid program setup, production rollout, and extensive monitoring and reporting capabilities. From ensuring proper pronunciation of candidates’ names to ensuring your objectives are met, our operations team will make certain your programs runs smoothly.



Robo/Auto Calls

Quickly deliver thousands or millions of customized messages to targeted voters and members, including GOTV, patch-thru and fundraising calls.



Voice Capture

Record and share real stories to influence policymakers and build powerful grassroots support. Identify issues and clarify your platform.




Deliver personalized messages without the interruption of a ringing phone. Recipients receive notifications to listen to or share at their convenience.

Legislative Connect

Turn Your Supporters Into Instant Activists

Connect thousands or millions of your supporters to their elected officials. The most effective solution for identifying supporters who will be most affected by pending legislation and driving phone calls to their elected representatives. Drive change by influencing votes through vigorous and persistent grassroots communication.

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About Us

Your Partner in Targeted Effective Communications

As a full service and truly conservative communications and marketing agency, we are dedicated to using our extensive experience in the political arena to aide in the advancement of conservative goals and principles for nonprofit organizations and political candidates.

Our staff has successfully completed thousands of campaigns, ranging from simple automated blasts and complex multi-channel communication campaigns to customer driven in-house development of communication solutions. We have provided solutions for small businesses, enterprise clients, nonprofits and political campaigns on every level. With our extensive experience and leading-edge technology, we engineer solutions that are effective and economical.

"Man is not free unless government is limited."

− Ronald Reagan

"Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm."

− Abraham Lincoln

"The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave."

− Patrick Henry